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These machines will revolutionise the way we handle projects. It’s a giant leap forward for us.  Horizon is one of the most trusted names in the world in this type of equipment and we’re proud of our investment.

Check out these two great machines and what they will do for our ability to handle jobs better, faster and more efficiently.


HT-80 Three-knife Trimmer

BQ-470 Perfect Binder

SPF-200A Bookletmaker



When you're talking about binding, experience counts for a lot.
But so does keeping on top of the latest trends and being aware of whats new in terms of plant and technology.


Right through all our years in the business we've always held that you've got to stay on top of your game. Today, that's more true than ever. That's why we've instigated major investment in three new machines, along with other exciting changes.


When our customers deal with McHargs now, you can be assured of our proven quality of service. You can trust us to have the experience and expertise, hard earned over more than a 100 years in the business, to know how to deliver a great result. And, also, you can see that we're moving forward with increased performance, capacity and efficiency in our binding operations.


You'll see that in terms of cost effectiveness too.


If you'd like to know more about our machines, just ask us. We're happy to share all the details. We'll tell you how our turnaround is going to improve. How our quality is increasing. How we'll be able to promise you more, better and faster.


But while the plant may be changing, while the technology may be a giant leap forward, our old-fashioned values and McHarg's family commitment to doing a good job will not change.

They haven't up till now.


The advantage of experience meets the power of today's best machinery & technology.



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