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From restoring old volumes to the skills of hand binding, to some of the most modern and effcient machines in NZ, at McHargs, we boast the capability to handle all sorts of binding and finishing.


McHargs is the largest print finishing company in the South Island. We've been doing this since 1893, and while handbinding and restoring or old books is still very much part of our business, we're well and truly at the leading edge of our industry. Our investment in the best machines and our focus on quality and customer service prove that commitment. No-one else has our capabilites or enthusiasm for the work.


We have the passion and capability for all projects, big or small. And we're proud of what we do.






Whether you're talking about a one-off restoration project of a precious old volume, or a large folding or in-line binding run, we're the right people.








The three things we promise are - Quality, Timing & Fair Pricing. That's why we're chosen by leading printers for finishing their projects. It's also why we have our long-standing reputation for good work and solid reliability.

We're not new to this. We're not untested. We've stood the test of time (and a few earthquakes along the way). But we're always moving forward. We've won more than our fair share of print awards. We're proud of that. Our clients say great things. We couldn't ask for more.


So when you need something done, contact us. We're happy to help.



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