While we've been around for well over a century, doing

what we do well, time marches forwards. There are new demands, new technologies, new challenges and fresh opportunities. Right from those early days, we haven't been afraid to keep ahead - and our latest investment in stunning new machines shows that we don't intend to stop now. Although to many of our clients, they're just machines, to us they represent another leap forward, the chance for better and more efficient (and cost effective) production.



McHargs are pleased to say despite everything, we continue to offer a wide range of bookbinding and finishing services to South Island printers and other direct customers. We're proud of our long history of quality work and the progress we've made with our new machinery and increased capability

Experts in bookbinding
since way back in 1893

A family business that's now proudly into its fourth generation, McHargs is something of an institution in Christchurch and around the South Island with a hard-earned and enviable reputation...


Hand finishing for presentations and restoration projects

 There's nothing like doing it by hand when you want a result that just oozes care and attention. For some jobs, even the best machine won't cut it. But we've got that covered... find out about our hand finishing and binding.


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