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Teacher Planners come in publications specifically for use in New Zealand primary schools and for use in secondary schools. They have proven a valuable administrative tool for teachers and have a loyal following in the sector.


The Planner includes a year calendar, spaces for Important Dates, Meetings & Sporting timetables, Class description - Aims, Long Term Aims & Plans for each term, Weekly planing sheets, room for notes - in fact, almost everything you need in one handy publication that's incredibly good value for money.







STUDENT DIARIES offer a great option for schools.


These handbooks are so useful. The diary is printed one colour throughout; its clean clear design providing maximum room per school day, enabling the student to detail their requirements.

There are 3 popular choices....


Wiro Bound with card cover presenting your school name and crest and with up to 32 pages of A5 text devoted entirely to your school.

                    100 - 200 at $9.00 each plus GST
                    200 - 300 at $7.00 each plus GST
                    300 - 400 at $5.50 each plus GST
                    500 - 1000 at $4.50 each plus GST

Wiro bound with card cover presenting your school name and crest and having 8 pages of prelim which is common to all schools, plus 96 pages of diary.

                   100 - 200 at $4.00 each plus GST
                   200 - 300 at $3.75 each plus GST
                   300 - 400 at $3.50 each plus GST
                   500 - 1000 at $3.00 each plus GST

Case bound with your school name gold blocked on the front cover and with up to 32 pages ofA5 text devoted entirely to your school.

                   100 - 200 at $10.50 each plus GST
                   200 - 300 at $8.50 each plus GST
                   300 - 400 at $7.50 each plus GST
                   500 - 1000 at $7.00 each plus GST
                   1000 - 2000 at $6.00 each plus GST


TO ORDER, EMAIL johnny@mchargs.co.nz OR 


By 15th November, supply (for Option A and C) up to 32 pages laser proof pages plus cover or just the artwork for the cover (for Option B).







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