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• Advanced automation - all necessary settings can be performed automatically through the touchscreen display. Even the fold roller gap adjustment is automated.

• Non-stop operation. A reject function allows non-stop operated. Errored booklets are rejected into the built-on reject tray so only good bookletes are delivered to the conveyor.

• Colour touchscreen. The 10.4 inch large colour touchscreen features intuitive, icon-based operation for easy operation and quick troubleshooting.

• High Speed production. Maximum production speed is 4,500 books per hour with A5 booklets.

• Quality control. The wire feeding sensor and jo sensor are equipped to maximize productivity and efficiency. Optional mis-stitch detector and thickness detector are available for higher quality control

The SPF-200A sets the new standard for bookletmaking.


The SPF-200A is a high-performance in-line bookletmaking system with collating, stitching, folding and fore-edge trimming at production speeds up to 4,500 books per hour.

This new bookletmaker takes our capacity up a significant step. The machine adds to our production efficiencies and workflow capabilites by providing a highly automated, very sophisticated system for bookletmaking.

If you'd like to know more about the SPF-200A and what it can offer you, talk to us and we'll happily explain in more detail why this is such a great addition to our existing capabilites and how it can improve your jobs.



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