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• Fully automated set-up through the intuitive icon based LCD touchscreen with advanced trouble-shooting for smooth operation

• Easily replaceable glue tank unit for both EVA hotmelt and PUR hotmelt adhesives

• Simplified and accurate changeover to produce superbly professionally finished books

• Equipped with two large application rollers for strong, high quality binds and a separate glue tank for added flexibility

• Book-binding up to 65mm (2.55") thickness

• Space-saving design with front operation and front maintenance

• Easy, efficient operation

• Maximum cycle speed is 1,350 books per hour (EVA hotmelt glue)

• Ergonomic sliding windows provide easy, safe access and a clear view of operations

The Horizon BQ-470 fully automated, 4 clamp Perfect Binder features an interchangeable glue tank for both EVA and PUR adhesives.

It gives us the opportunity to be more environmentally aware with the strong, green PUR solution, while making the most of the latest technology - and achieve superb 'lay-flat' results.

This Perfect Binder offers an incredible leap forward for us in terms of being able to quickly and effectively bind a large range of jobs. It's packed with features ranging from the sophisticated rotary suction feed system that not only insures faster production but promises to do so without any marking, to the supersonic double feed detect sensor which ensures accurate detection even with a solid black printed sheet.

There are different milling styles, and a strong, rigid nipping mechanism that's easy to adjust to ensure high quality binding.

Our new machine is one of only a few in New Zealand and the only one in the South Island - offering increased production capability and amazing results.

It reflects our commitment, after more than a century in book binding and finishing, to keep up with the latest advances and equip ourselves with the technology, plant and skills to be your first choice for jobs now and in the future.

If you'd like to know more about the BQ-470 and what it can offer you, talk to us and we'll happily explain in more detail why this is such a great addition to our capabilites and how it can improve your jobs.


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